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Enhance decision-making with Toptal's data analytics consultants. Our experts accelerate insights into actionable strategies, combining modern data architecture, robust DataOps, and quality assurance for improved operational efficiency and customer experience.
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Teresa Scholz

Team Leader

Featured Full Team of Data Analytics Consulting Specialists

Teresa Scholz

Data Scientist and Developer

With a Ph.D. in physics, a background in mathematics, and over ten years of experience modeling real-world data, Teresa has the skills to fulfill any data science role.

Previously at

BNP Paribas

Engineering Experience

10+ Years

Matias Aiskovich

Data Scientist and Developer

Matias is a machine learning engineer who’s delivered creative solutions for social impact projects. Matias's past experience includes working at IBM Research as a machine learning engineer.

Previously at


Engineering Experience

5+ Years

Adam Ivansky

Data Engineering Developer

Adam has six years of experience in data engineering and data science. His tools of choice include Python 3, Spark, and SQL. His main focus areas include ETLs and machine learning marketing pipelines.

Previously at


Engineering Experience

6+ Years



Data Analytics Consulting Services

Toptal’s Data Analytics consulting services provide clients access to a global network of experts with specialty in optimizing data-driven enterprises and enhancing analytics capabilities. Utilize our expertise in analytics and data management to transform data into actionable insights.

Data Strategy and Architecture

Craft tailored data frameworks that enable your analytics, ensuring scalable, efficient architecture for growth.

Advanced Analytics

Deploy sophisticated statistical techniques to unveil deep insights, driving informed decisions and strategic actions.

Business Intelligence

Generate actionable insights with dynamic charts and dashboards that blend historical data with real-time reports.

Big Data

Manage vast datasets with agility, harnessing big data for impactful, data-driven enterprise solutions.

Data Visualization

Transform data into compelling visual stories, enhancing comprehension and strategic decision-making.

Data Governance

Develop and implement policies to ensure data quality, data security, and regulatory compliance across the entire data lifecycle.


Data Analytics Solutions That Deliver Value

From services to team augmentation—Toptal has the right model for your business and project needs.

How Toptal’s Advisory and Consulting Works

Partner with our team to receive full advisory and consulting services to outline clear solutions to solve your business and technology challenges.


Define Problem

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals and assess your business challenges.

Develop Analysis

We’ll develop the best approach to achieve your goals and solve your business challenges.

Design Solution

We’ll deliver a clear solution and provide comprehensive advice on how to best execute and implement.


How to Partner with Toptal for your Data Analytics Needs

Toptal matches you directly with global technology leaders from our network in hours—not weeks or months.


Talk to a Data Analytics Lead

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals, business needs, and team dynamics.

Get the Perfect Solution

From full end-to-end delivery to team augmentation—choose the best model for your business and project needs.

The Right Fit, Every Time

Work with Toptal’s Data Analytics consulting team on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring that your needs are ultimately met.

Maximize your business performance with Toptal's Data Analytics Consulting Services

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Explore Insights From the Data Analytics Field

Read the latest articles and resources to stay informed about emerging trends in business intelligence, data, analytics, artificial intelligence and more.

Graph Data Science With Python/NetworkX

Data inundates us like never before—how can we hope to analyze it? Graphs (networks, not bar graphs) provide an elegant approach. Find out how to start with the Python NetworkX library to describe, visualize, and analyze "graph theory" datasets.
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Federico Albanese
Verified Expert in Engineering

Albanese is a developer and data scientist who has worked at Facebook, where he made machine learning model predictions. He is a Python expert and a university lecturer. His PhD research pertains to graph machine learning.

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Schedule a Call With Toptal's Data Analytics Consulting Team Today

Chas Stikeleather

Data Analytics Leader

Chas is focused on enabling Toptal’s clients to make the most out of their data assets, from navigating modern data architecture to taking advantage of artificial intelligence to deliver organizational value. He has 10+ years of experience consulting on the best use of data at firms like Bain & Company and leading analytics at a startup.
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Maximize your business performance with Toptal's Data Analytics Consulting Services

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