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Adrian Gonzalez

Team Leader

Featured Full Team of AI Specialists

Adrian Gonzalez

Generative AI Expert

Adrian is a leading generative AI expert and two-time O'Reilly book author who currently leads Microsoft's Cloud, Data & AI Strategy for Public Sector and Healthcare. Adrian's career spans technical and business roles across diverse sectors, including telecom, fintech, consulting, and IT. Internationally, he has delivered multiple innovative initiatives across North America, LATAM, and Europe. As a key member of the Trusted AI Committee of the LF AI & Data and a Responsible AI Lead at OdiseIA, Adrian champions ethical practices in AI advancements. He is also the author of the Linux Foundation's AI Fundamentals class.

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AI Experience

10+ Years

Denis Volk

AI Engineer

Denis is a senior full-stack AI engineer and data scientist, highly skilled in modern generative tech (GPT-4, Midjourney, and more), machine learning, ETL pipelines, data analysis, mathematical modeling, big data, and MLOps. He has a PhD in mathematics, and his data science expertise includes probabilistic risk modeling, revenue forecasting, geospatial data analysis, handwriting recognition, anomaly detection in time series, data engineering, and team leading.

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AI Experience

5+ Years

Filip Boltuzic

Machine Learning Engineer

Filip is a machine learning engineer with several years of professional experience. He's worked on large-scale problems at Amazon Web Services as a software developer and built natural language processing models as a research associate at the University of Zagreb. Filip's main interests are machine learning and natural language processing, with an emphasis on building text classification models.

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Machine Learning Experience

10+ Years



AI Services

Toptal’s AI services provide our clients with a wide range of capabilities, from prompt engineering guidance to full end-to-end delivery of new machine learning models. We deliver comprehensive strategies alongside scalable AI solutions to bring you outstanding results.

AI Strategy

Identify high-value AI opportunities, define roadmaps and implementation plans, and drive tangible business results with AI consulting services powered by Toptal's talent.

Generative AI Services

Unlock increased productivity and save on costs with LLM AI solutions defined and built by AI experts from the Toptal talent network.

Machine Learning Services

Identify and build ML models to solve specific problems and lean on Toptal's Machine Learning consulting to ensure these models are implemented correctly and primed to deliver ongoing value.

Prompt Engineering

Maximize value and get better outcomes with prompt engineering guidance from Toptal AI experts. From ChatGPT consulting to general usability advice, our expertise will help you get real business value from LLMs.

Machine Learning Operations

Increase operational effectiveness and integrate AI usage into your business processes with guidance from Toptal. Get strategic advice on how to deploy and monitor AI models at the scale your business needs.

AI Data Foundations

Get the tooling and processes needed to build and deploy AI models and ensure the quality and reliability of data sources with Toptal's AI Development services and AI consulting.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions That Deliver Value

From end-to-end solutions to individual talent and team augmentation, Toptal has the right model for your business.

How Toptal’s End-to-End Delivery Works

Partner with Toptal to fully execute on your business and technology needs, from creating the strategy all the way through to implementation.



A leader from our team will get to know your business, assess challenges, and identify opportunities.


We’ll define the right solution for your team and your business needs and align the plan and the deliverables with you.


We’ll create the deliverables, work to agreed timelines, and keep you up to date throughout the process.


We’ll oversee the deployment of your solution and provide guidance to ensure ongoing continuity from your team.


How to Partner With Toptal for Your Artificial Intelligence Needs

Toptal matches you directly with global technology leaders from our network in hours—not weeks or months.


Talk to an Artificial Intelligence Lead

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

Get the Perfect Solution

From full end-to-end delivery to team augmentation—choose the best model for your business and project needs.

The Right Fit, Every Time

Work with Toptal’s Artificial Intelligence team on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring that your needs are ultimately met.

Maximize your business performance with Toptal’s Artificial Intelligence services

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Natural language processing (NLP) has become one of the most researched subjects in the field of AI. This interest is driven by applications that have been brought to market in recent years. In this article, Toptal Deep Learning Developer Maximilian Hopf introduces you to Google Natural Language API and Google AutoML Natural Language.
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Maximilian Hopf
Verified Expert in Engineering

Max is a data science and machine learning expert. He has helped to build one of Germany’s most highly funded fintechs.

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Chas Stikeleather

’s Artificial Intelligence Practice Lead

As the leader of Toptal’s Global Artificial Intelligence services, Chas drives the development and delivery of AI solutions leveraging teams of top talent to execute high-complexity projects. Before Toptal, Chas was integral to establishing and leading a dedicated data science team for the largest practice, private equity, at Bain’s Data Science group. He has also been instrumental in advancing the application and integration of data science and AI strategies in numerous Fortune 100 companies.
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Maximize your business performance with Toptal’s Artificial Intelligence services

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